Based on our broad experience in diverse industries we are happy to offer you a carefully chosen range of products of the highest standards in the market.


Karma Pharmatech offers a range of pharmaceutical products consisting of thrombolytic agents and fertility hormones. We work closely with industry leaders within our field to ensure that our products are the best available on the market, and that we are able to offer a superb level of service to the medical profession.
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Industrial Appliances

Karma Pharmatech GmbH is a supplier of material handling equipment for a variety of applications in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. All our products are manufactured to the highest quality GMP standard. We do offer custom made designs and applications. Based on our vast international experience in material handling and production lines, we offer complete project services from management to consulting and design. We at Karma Pharmatech GmbH are completely flexible to our clients needs.
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Renewable Energy

We at Karma Pharmatech GmbH do not only focus on Pharmaceuticals and Industrial Appliances. We also bring in 8 years of field experience in the Renewable Energy Sector. Our aim is to utilize the professional experience gained to work on solutions for a sustainable future. We focus on a wide array of products, but mainly on Small Hydro Energy Systems. For our patented water energy systems, we are keen on placing them into the renewable energy market.
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